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Prevost Air Hose
Prevost Air Hose
Prevost Air Hose

Prevost Air Hose

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These have a 3/8" inlet and 1/4" outlet to allow them to mate with the hose reel and accept standard sized 1/4" couplers. 

I didn't like the standard hose that came preloaded on a Cox reel, so I needed to find something better.  In 2016, I discovered Prevost couplers and piping and was also considering their hose solutions. 

At that time, I didn't have a relationship with them, so the main problem was they were really hard to find.  I couldn't find a single source online.  I eventually ordered all 3 versions, and boy did it cost me a boatload (a lot more than what you are able to pay now):  Stoflex (Green), Airca (Red), and Surflex (Blue).  I wasn't interested in a cheap poly hose. 

Everything I had been told about the green Stoflex hose was that it is amazing but completely unnecessary.  I know many of you are like me.  As soon as I heard that, I smiled a bit and knew that would probably be the one.  It is designed for critical environments like a paint booth, but I like the hose material and pliability of it.  The other option I have is the rubber "Airca" hose that is still very nice. It's the red version. 

Difference Between Stoflex and Airca

  • Stoflex (Green)
    • Nitrile Rubber:  Nitrile is resistant to petroleum-based fuel and lubrication products that we will encounter in an automotive environment.
    • Anti-Static and perfect for painting applications
  • Airca (Red)
    • EPDM Rubber:  Although this is a great hose and will last a long time, if you were to get something like transmission oil on the surface of the hose, it will ruin it.

The Airca hose is slightly less grippy and grabby when new than the Stoflex, but everything else about the green hose is better.  If you can swing the cost, I'd highly recommend the paying the extra for the Stoflex. 

Looking to organize this hose? Consider the Prevost Air Hose Holder.

x1 50' Air Hose (Stoflex or Airca)

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