RUPES LHR15 Mark II 5" Random Orbital Polisher


RUPES has been around since the 1950’s. The Italian company began by manufacturing sanders and angle polishers. However, most of us know RUPES by the game-changing BigFoot dual-action polisher, which is now in its second generation. The original BigFoot introduced the “long-throw” capability that increases the amount of work done with each rotation and oscillation of the machine. Where most dual-action polishers have an 8 millimeter throw (the distance the backing plate oscillates from the center spindle), these machines have 15 millimeter (LHR15) and 21 millimeter (LHR21) throws. In simple terms, this translates to the machine getting more work done in a single pass than could be accomplished with a standard dual-action polisher. Not only do these machines enable better results more quickly than others, but the ergonomics and refinement are simply far beyond anything else available.

  • The MKII machines are 30% more efficient than the original ES models.
  • Both machines have a 500-watt output.
  • The motor starts at 2,500RPM versus the original 2,000RPM. The power peaks at 5,300RPM and 4,700RPM for the LHR15 and LHR21 respectively.
  • There are some ergonomic changes such as adding a rubber tool rest aft of the Carbon handle so that the machine can be set on its back without scuffing the body or risking bending the backing plate. Furthermore, there are now additional rubber inserts inside the housing that further insulate the body from motor vibration.

Several other companies have recently released imitations of these polishers, but none have the same balance of power and refinement that these machines exude.

The LHR15 comes with a 5-inch backing plate.  Choose RUPES and Meguiar's Microfiber 5" Pads.

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