Coating Removal Towel


I had a flawed philosophy in version 1.0 of the Microfiber Package.  The strategy was to use the orange 80/20 towels  as my "beater" towel.  I used it to wipe off the countertops with something like CarPro TarX.  Then the plan was to use them to do the coating removal since you are supposed to throw them away after use.  The problem with this philosophy is that it doesn't make sense to cheap out on the most import step after spending hours correcting your paint.  Using a beat up towel that may have stuff embedded in it is a bad idea.  So I'm adding a dedicated towel for removal.

You could certainly use this for other things, but I like a really light weight, lower pile towel to ensure I'm not digging into my freshly bonded coating.  They are inexpensive enough to use 4 of them to finish the car and then throw them away.

All of the towels I use are the culmination of many years of trial and error.  As I'm sure you know, microfiber towels aren't cheap.  I'd be ashamed if I actually added up how much I spent to get to this point.  I know I can save you a lot of time, energy, and money by giving you access to buy exactly what I'm using on my cars.  

Number I have in my cabinet:  20.

Note:  Since I buy in such volume, I'm able to get all of us better pricing than you'd get on your own.  I sell these towels at the same price that you would pay if you bought them in bulk 25+.  


  • 245 GSM:  This is the weight per square meter of material.  The weight does not necessarily mean the thickness.  
  • Green Color
  • 16" x 16"
  • 80% Polyester (cheaper material) | 20% Polyamide (absorbant material)
  • Ultrasonic Cut Edge
  • 100% Split Microfiber
  • I'm not sure it matters much, but these are Chinese made.