Coating Chemical Kit

SKU: DK060001
Coating Chemical Kit

Coating Chemical Kit

SKU: DK060001
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I transitioned from car wax to ceramic coating years ago because of how much Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light resembles the wax look I love. Not to mention the added protection, slickness, and hydrophobic properties that come with having a ceramic coating on your car’s paint. My team and I consolidated every chemical you’ll need in this kit to dial in your paint and glass.

In this kit, you’re getting CSL (your one-layer base coating), EXO v5 (your sacrificial layer coating), Drying Aid (your spray-on drying agent), and Wolf’s Nano Glass Sealant (your glass coating that beads water). I’ve spent a ton of time and money vetting these products, and they’ve all exceeded my expectations. 

I’ve shared with the world several videos of me installing these products, but one that may be helpful to you if you’re new to this coating stuff is my Detailing Basics Coating and Sealants video. I did a deep dive into how to apply a coating to your car that may be helpful.

- x1 Drying Aid (32oz)
- x1 EXO v5
- x1 Crystal Serum Light
- x1 Wolf's Nano Glass Sealant

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