Realm Pressure Washer Upgrade Package


If you happened to buy the Realm BY02-BIMK 2600PSI 1.75GPM Pressure Washer and you're looking to upgrade it with better accessories, this is the kit for you.

After testing the pressure washer I discovered it's not a great fit for adding accessories. The hose uses a goofy quick disconnect that's not a standard fitting, meaning you cannot add a hose or gun.

I would suggest you avoid the Realm BY02-BIMK Pressure Washer and get a Karcher, GreenWorks or Ryobi if you want something cheaper than a Kranzle or Comet.

Package Contents:

  • 6.5' Inlet Hose
  • Two Pairs of Brass Garden Hose Quick Disconnects
  • 4 Pack (0, 15, 25, 40 Degree) of 3.0 Nozzles
  • M22 to 3/8" Adapters
  • M22 to 3/8" Coupler
  • M22 to 1/4" Adapter
  • MTM PF-22 w/ 1.1mm Orifice and Stainless Plug Installed