Mosmatic T304 Stainless 3/8" Female Coupler


Until now, none of these Mosmatic fittings existed.  I worked closely with Jaime from Mosmatic-US to have these made for us, the discerning pro-sumer.  Keep in mind these weren't built to a price point with sacrificed precision.  I wanted these T304 stainless fittings at any cost, and my guess is that many of you do too.  I get that this is more expensive than brass or Chinese made stainless, but the fit, finish, and precision makes it worth it.  What makes these new fittings so special is that they're manufactured in Switzerland with much greater precision than typical fittings.

You would use this specific fitting on a Kobrajet hose or any other 3/8" fitting that's NPT threaded.

All of my new Mosmatic fittings come with a 6-month warranty, but I suspect they'll last for quite a while. These couplers just have a satisfying action to them and even the sound they make sounds stout. 

Do keep in mind that these are a consumable.  These are like tires that will be susceptible to wear and tear and future replacement.  They are just much better than normal.


To install your female 3/8" couplers on the ends of your Kobrajet hose (or other 3/8" NPT terminated hose) you will need the following: 

1. Teflon tape (it is not recommended to use thread sealant)
2. 11/16" and 22mm for the hose. And a 24mm for Mosmatic couplers, or 1" for MTM couplers. DO NOT use pliers, or adjustable wrenches. You will NOT be able to get the connection tight enough. 
3. Workbench with vise is preferred, but not necessary. 

To install: 

1. Put 7 wraps of Teflon tape on the male ends of the hose. 
2. Use the 11/16" wrench on the smaller end of the hose, and brace on the ground or clamp in a bench vise. 
3. Use the 24mm (or 1") wrench to install the coupler by pushing against the other wrench. You will need to really put your weight into it and get it TIGHT to prevent leaking. 
4. Repeat this process on the other end of the hose with the 22mm wrench on the swiveling hose end. 
5. Connect to pressure washer and gun, check for leaks.