Adam's Pressure Washer Upgrade Package


If you happened to buy the Adam's Pressure Washer and you're looking to upgrade it with better accessories this is the kit for you.

After testing the pressure washer, I discovered it's not a great fit for adding accessories. The hose on the Adam's Pressure Washer uses a goofy quick disconnect that's not a standard fitting, meaning you can only extend the hose with a KobraJet hose. I would suggest you avoid the Adam's Pressure Washer and get a Karcher, GreenWorks or Ryobi if you want something cheaper than a Kranzle or Comet.

The good thing about this is if you upgrade from the Adam's Pressure Washer you'll be able to use about 95% of everything from this package with something like a Karcher, Kranzle or Comets we sell.

Package Contents:

  • 6.5' Inlet Hose
  • Two Pairs of Stainless Garden Hose Quick Disconnects
  • 1/4" BPSM to 3/8" NPTM & Stainless Coupler for OE hose adaptation.
  • 50' Kobrajet Hose extension with Quick Disconnects (Stainless Coupler & Stainless Plug)
  • 4 Pack (0, 15, 25, 40 Degree) of 3.5 Nozzles
  • Mosmatic Gun/Mosmatic 20" Wand/QDs
  • MTM PF-22 w/ 1.25mm Orifice and Stainless Plug Installed