Wheel and Tire Package

SKU: DP090001
Wheel and Tire Package

Wheel and Tire Package

SKU: DP090001
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Our Wheel and Tire Package has been one of the flagship packages we offer on the site. I remember years ago when I started OG and began brainstorming what packages I wanted to offer in the store - this is one of the first ones. It has undergone some changes because of new processes I developed and products that have come out, but at its core, it still has the essentials you’ll need to dial in your wheels and tires.

I'm aware that some of you will already have a lot of these items, so buying the full package might not make sense, so you can just use it as a shopping list to find what you're missing. 

x1 P&S Brake Buster - 32oz
x1 P&S Brake Buster - 1G
x1 OG Tire Dressing - 32oz
x1 OG Tire Dressing - 1G
x1 Hyde's Serum Rust Stopper - 16oz
x1 Hyde's Serum Rust Stopper - 1G
x1 P&S Iron Buster - 16oz
x1 CARPRO Eraser - 1L
x1 CARPRO Tar X - 1L
x1 Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating
X5 CARPRO Foam Suede Microfiber Applicator
X1 CARPRO Foam Applicator Block
x1 Shine Supply Wise Guy Wheel & Tire Cleaner
x1 Stoner Tarminator Tar & Sap Remover
x1 Koch-Chemie Rkb (Mild Clay)
x1 Detail Factory Wheel Cleaning Brush Kit
x1 Detail Factory Tire Brush
x1 Detail Factory Curveball Brush
x1 EZ Detail Brush Small
x1 EZ Detail Brush Large
x1 RaceGlaze Detailing Brush XL
x2 Lambskin Wheel Mitt
x8 Multi-purpose Towels
x12 Wheel & Tire Towel 3.0

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