Solo Hand-Held Battery Powered Sprayer

Solo 460-Li Battery-operated One-Hand Sprayer
Battery Operated Sprayer
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Solo Hand-Held Battery Powered Sprayer
Solo Hand-Held Battery Powered Sprayer

Solo Hand-Held Battery Powered Sprayer

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I’m super excited that we are carrying these battery-powered sprayers from Solo in the store. After sending multiple emails and chasing them down, we finally got a response, and now we have them. 

Many of you know my “spray bottle journey,” where I was in constant pursuit of finding a quality sprayer bottle I felt would work best for us. Let me throw in here that the quest will never end. Some of the bottles I came across had great sprayer heads, but the bottle design sucked, or it was the exact opposite. Doing things in good ol’ Matty fashion, I spent thousands of dollars to find what I think is the best pump bottle sprayer on the market, the Pressol bottles (more specifically, the Household ones). 

Well, look at us now. I’m carrying more than just the Pressol bottles; I now have Marolex and Solo. I never planned to have multiple bottles, but after using the other ones, I realized they serve a purpose - mainly to increase productivity, and not to mention that the Solo sprayer is freaking cool.

Some of you may be looking at this thing and saying, “it doesn’t look as good as a Pressol bottle.” You’re right, it doesn’t, but I’m telling you that when you use it, you won’t be thinking about the looks and will be happier with the function.

I can’t explain why pressing the little silver button on this thing is so enjoyable. The adjustability is awesome, and the spray pattern from the tip is perfect, even better than the Pressol. When I first used this powered sprayer, I was impressed with how powerful it was and how it shot the solution I had in it across the room. It’s pretty remarkable. 

I’ve had this thing for a while and have yet to charge it. From what I read, the battery will last for 60-minutes of continuous spraying. Again, I’ve used it several times and still haven’t charged it. For you tinters and mobile detailers, this will be a tool you’ll want to add to your arsenal. 

The inside of the sprayer has Viton seals, so it’s chemically resistant. I’ll use a few of these bottles with Mc’Kees N-914, our drying aid, and glass cleaner inside them.

Please do not use thick liquids; you will incur damage to the internal electric pump. 

Grab one or two of these Solo sprayers just to test them out. These are not replacing my Pressols; they’re complimenting them.


  • Suitable for use with all approved plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers.
  • Transparent and stable container with 1-liter filling volume. An easy indication of the content level.
  • The flexible internal suction hose ensures complete emptying of the tank and also makes spraying from any angle possible.
  • The universal nozzle is continuously adjustable from fine dust to a string jet.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with smooth one-button operation.
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery for up to 60 minutes of operation time.
  • Easy charging at every USB Port (charging cable included). Charging time approx. 90 minutes.
  • Warranty: 6 months for manufacturing defects

x1 Solo 460-Li Battery-Powered Sprayer

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