Paint Decontamination Package

SKU: DP040001
Paint Decontamination Package
Paint Decontamination Package

Paint Decontamination Package

SKU: DP040001
Microfiber Mitt and Towels
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To make life much easier for you, we’ve put together everything you need for paint decontamination in this package. We have our paint decontamination tool kit if you only need the tools (not the chemicals); we also have our chemical refill kit if all you need are chemicals. We made these packages so that you only have to click and buy.

Everything you see here is what I use when decontaminating my car. Everything is pretty much the same, with just a few changes and additions. We added McKee’s N-914 and swapped out Ferrex with Iron Buster. You’ll also have the option to add mitts and towels.  

You should notice that I have chosen products from dozens of manufacturers in all of these packages. It would make for better buying power and business sense to align myself with a few key manufacturers, but I refuse to take this route. I want to use the best product for the job. You can bank on one thing, I will never ask you to compromise, so neither will I.

If you’re interested in seeing my decon’ing process, I did a “How To Wash Your Car Before Polishing - Decontamination” video breaking down how I do it.


The 32oz Decontamination Soap will come in the new Frosted Bottle**

• 1 32oz Bottle of OG Decontamination Soap
• 1 Gallon of OG Decontamination Soap
• 1 16oz of P&S Iron Buster
• 1 Gallon of P&S Iron Buster
• 1 32oz Bottle of McKee's 37 N-914 Rinseless Wash
• 1 NanoSkin AutoScrub 6" Pad
• 1 NanoSkin AutoScrub Handstrap
• 1 NanoSkin AutoScrub Sponge
• 1 Koch-Chemie Rkb (Mild Clay) Clay Bar
• 1 32oz Bottle of CARPRO Tar X
• 1 32oz Empty Spray Bottle w/ Sprayer

Option to add Towels and Mitts

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