General Pump QD Kit

SKU: PK020033
General Pump QD Kit
General Pump QD Kit

General Pump QD Kit

SKU: PK020033
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We bought a handful of these General Pump to try them out, They're fine on their own, but we found that they don't play nice with the MTM fittings. So, instead of returning them or throwing them out, we made a quick disconnect kit.

This kit comes with almost everything you’ll need for a fully QD-ed pressure washer. (Other purchases will have to be made for this to work.) I'll list it all out below, just know if you aren't willing to bust out a wrench or two, this kit isn't for you and you should check out one of our pre-assembled Sprayer/Wand/Foam Cannon Upgrade Kits.

Additional Items Needed

  1. You’ll need to pick up a sprayer gun with no fittings, either the MTM SGS-28 or Original Mosmatic.

  2. Next is a wand; you can get the Original Mosmatic Wand with Quick Disconnects, but you’ll need to remove the MTM fittings and replace them.

  3. You need a hose that's terminated in 3/8" fittings like our 3/8" High-Pressure Hose v1.0

  4. In order to connect anything to the pressure washer, you need an M22 plug. Depending on your pressure washer you'll need a 14mm or 15mm. Check out the pressure washer page for more information.

Assembly Guide

A1 & A2 - High Pressure Hose (Teflon Required)

B - Wand

C - Foam Cannon

D1 & D2 - Sprayer Outlet & Wand Outlet

E - Sprayer Inlet

F - 4.0 40° Nozzle


x2 - 3/8" Female Coupler
x1 - 3/8" Male Plug
x2 - 1/4" Male Coupler
X1 - 1/4" Female Plug
X1 - 1/4" Male Plug
X1 - 40° 4.0 Nozzle

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