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Detailing Master Collection

Detailing Master Collection

SKU: DC010001
Detailing Master Collection
Detailing Master Collection
Detailing Master Collection
Detailing Master Collection
Detailing Master Collection

Detailing Master Collection

SKU: DC010001
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The Detailing Master Collection is what I've been in pursuit of for years now. The idea is a fully curated collection of products and solutions for everything detailing. Every chemical, towel, and brush has been meticulously selected and tested to ensure you are getting the best possible product. Trust me, if it's not in my cabinets, it's not in this kit. I wouldn't recommend anything I don't use on my own cars.

A few things to note: First, this collection is not for normal people. I'm fully aware that a $14,000 collection is going to be off-putting for some, but for those of you out there like me who can afford it & want an all-in-one solution, this is a lifesaver. Not only did it take me years of detailing to get to this point, I've spent... I don't even want to think about how much I've spent... it has been a lot - testing products to put this together. So that's time and money saved for you.

Secondly, I’m not forgetting the the people who are just getting started. We all have to start somewhere, and 90% of people will never buy something this grand and over the top. So, we created some amazing Detailing Solutions and Detailing Packages that were pulled directly from the Master Collection so you can build your own collection over time. Solutions are pulled directly from the master collection, with the option to add towels or pressols to most of them. Packages are boiled-down versions of solutions.

No matter where you are in your detailing journey, the Detailing Master Collection is an invaluable tool & something to work towards. I can’t explain the feeling I get seeing it laid out on my counter and I hope to share that feeling with everyone else. We put together The Detailing Master Collection Spreadsheet that you can use as a checklist to build your collection over time.

What This Collection Represents

A Collection of Solutions

The Detailing Master Collection is comprised of the 10 Detailing Solutions we offer here at Obsessed Garage. You'll find a small explanation and breakdown of every solution we offer below. Solutions contain everything you need for that specific task. For example, if you buy the Ultimate Polishing Solution, you will have everything you need to paint correct an entire car.

If theses solutions are still too much for you, be sure to check out the Detailing Packages. These are more palatable price-wise and still include all the essentials you need to get the job done.

Ultimate Bucket Solution

The Best Buckets On Earth

Discover Bucket Solution

Ultimate Microfiber Solution

A Towel for Every Task

Discover Towel Solution

Ultimate Car Washing Solution

Wash Process Perfection

Discover Washing Solution

Ultimate Wheel and Tire Solution

Wheels Simplified

Discover Wheels & Tires

Ultimate Interior Solution

Complete Interior Protection

Discover Interior

Ultimate Decontamination Solution

Don't Forget to Decon

Discover Towels

Ultimate Polishing Solution

Every Pad And Polish You'll Need

Discover Polishing

Ultimate Paint Protection Solution

Ultimate Shine & Protection

Discover Paint Protection

Ultimate Lighting Solution

Light Up Your Paint

Discover Lighting

Ultimate Pressol Solution

The Best Bottles on Earth

Discover Pressol

Use this spreadsheet to see what product comes in every package, solution, or master collection.

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