Fellow Opus Grinder
Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder
Fellow Opus Grinder
Fellow Opus Grinder
Fellow Opus Grinder
Fellow Opus Grinder
Fellow Opus Grinder
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Here at OG, we've been fortunate to launch some pretty great industry disruptive products and this is another one of them. This is the Fellow Opus Grinder and it's one of the first sub $300 espresso grinders that doesn't suck!

Let's get why it's so cost-effective out of the way. Fellow used a lot of plastic to build this machine which is different from other espresso grinders on the market and even its sibling, the Fellow Ode, which helped cut a lot of costs. Now we've got that out of the way, there are a lot of great things about the Opus. It's got a magnetic base just like the Ode and even features some of the anti-static technology that was implemented in the Gen 2 Ode. 

It has a 40mm conical burr set which allows it to achieve a great espresso grind and other grind types. Now, most dual-type grinders aren't the best, but the Opus still lets you achieve a good espresso grind for your Linea Mini and a more coarse grind for the Moccamaster. For espresso, you'll have to watch your shot, maybe drop your pressure and run your shot longer, but at the end of the day, this is a great starter grinder to get you started on your coffee journey. 

You'll want to pair this with either the Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve for the best grind results. 

Opus Grinder
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