Acaia Lunar Scale (2021)
Lunar Scale (2021)
Acaia Lunar Scale (2021)
Acaia Lunar Scale (2021)
Acaia Lunar Scale (2021)
Acaia Lunar Scale (2021) - Expresso
Acaia Lunar Scale (2021)
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If you enjoy making espresso, then you already know how important having a scale is, and if you didn't know, then now you do. This scale is aimed directly at espresso enthusiasts and has a bunch of features that make the espresso-making process an enjoyable process instead of a task. It has a ridiculous response time with an accuracy of 0.1g. and customizable espresso workflows to set it up to work best for you.  


  • High Readability - Reads out to 0.01g for more accuracy
  • Flow Rate Indicator- Shows you your flowrate in real-time
  • Custom Workflows - This lets you customize your modes to create a workflow that works best for you and allows you to store your preferred dosing container or cup. 

    Lunar Scale
    Heat Resistant Pad
    Calibration Weight (100g)
    USB-C Charging Cable

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