Basic Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Accessory Package

SKU: TP050001
Basic Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Accessory Package
Basic Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Accessory Package

Basic Milwaukee Drill/Drivers Accessory Package

SKU: TP050001
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Having the best hands tools in the world also means you’ll need the correct bits to accompany them. We’ve made these drill/driver accessory packages to simplify what you’ll need for whatever tools you decide to purchase.

Milwaukee’s SHOCKWAVE™ line of bits is the best in the business. As the usage of tools and technological advancements with drills/impact drivers have taken place over time, they have stayed ahead of the game, providing us with accessories that are built freaking great and function amazingly well. This whole ecosystem excites me.

Depending on what drill or driver package you decide to go with, we have the corresponding accessories for them. For instance, let’s say you decide you want to get our Milwaukee M12™ FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit: ½” Hammer Drill and ¼” Hex Impact Driver, and Impact Driver Protective Boot. You would go with our basic accessory package, which has the appropriate impact and drill bits. I’d use this collection of bits to put together a subwoofer box or screwing in a carbon fiber lip into the bottom of one of my cars. These bits would be your general garage or around-the-house accessories. 

If you decide to get the M18™ FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit Hammer Drill/Impact: ½” Hammer Drill/Driver and ¼” Hex Impact Driver, you’d want the advanced accessory package, which would come with the basic accessory package and the concrete drill bits. My usage for these bits would be to drive a lag screw through a post or tighten some exhaust bolts on the bottom of my car.

Finally, we arrive at the big-boy accessory package, our ultimate. This is obviously my suggested package for you and one I think everyone should have regardless if you have the corresponding hand tools. You’ll want to have all of Milwaukee's impacts and drivers one day, so get these now. What you’re getting in this package is the: basic solution, advanced solution, the specialty woodworking bit kit, and the hole saw bit kit—the latter two, self-explanatory. If you’re doing any kind of woodwork or cutting through stainless steel, fiberglass, or plaster, this package contains all the critical pieces you’ll need for the perfect hole. 

My guess is that most of you will at least go with the basic package for general-purpose usage. Whatever you get, it will be an awesome addition to your Milwaukee hand tools.


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Basic Accessory Package
- Milwaukee Impact Bit Kit (Picture #1)
- Milwaukee Drill Bit Kit (Picture #2)

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