Kranzle K1622 Pressure Washer




I started the search for a wall mountable pressure washing solution almost 2 years ago when I built the wash bay at my house.  I headed down a rabbit hole that kept leading me down dead ends.  Too much noise, not enough flow, fit/finish/quality concerns, are all issues I encountered.  That is the reason I ended up deciding to take a gamble on the Kranzle K165STS that I currently have in my wash bay.  It certainly is great at 2800 PSI and 2.8 GPM and looks absolutely fantastic.  The cons:  it's loud, cycles for 30 seconds before turning off, and weighs 180lbs.  Oh...another small was $4500 and they no longer make it!

After the massive success I had with the 1122 package and my need for another wall mounted solution for OGHQ, I decided to design a less costly, more efficient wall mounted solution.  I bought a K1622 that was currently available.  It is a 1600 PSI, 1.7GPM runs continuously.

  • PSI: 1600
  • GPM: 1.7
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V, 15A
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Dimensions:
    • 18.75" Length (front threaded outlet to longest part of plastic housing)
    • 12.5" Height x 7" Width with Handle Attached
    • 10.5" Height x 6.75" Width with Handle Removed

Buying Options:  The full Custom Installed Kranzle Solution with a shelf, hose reel, wand/gun/holder, etc. is a different item.  I want you to be able to buy the pump by itself if that's what you want.  I've included some options here to allow you to create a system that's mobile.

      1. K1622 Alone:  You get a power cord and a manual, nothing else.  To keep the cost down, I requested these be offered without any gun, wand, or hose.  The Kranzle gun/wand/hose are over $300 and aren't nearly as good as the other options I'm providing.
      2. Add Complete Mosmatic Swiveling Sprayer & Wand Solution:  This is the add-on option you will want to make this a fully functioning, pressure washing solution.  OR  Add MTM PF-22 Foam Cannon:  If you need a foam cannon, this is the one. (Still need some sort of hose or reel)
      3. Add 50', 75' or 100' KobraJet Hose and Quick Disconnects:  This hose is the best I've found.  Termination, quality, pliability are all the best I've encountered.  This add-on option includes 3/8" NPT with male threaded ends on both sides (one swiveling), 50', 75' or 100' Hose, MTM M22 Female to 3/8" Plug, and MTM 2 - 3/8" Stainless Female Quick Disconnect Couplers: one for each end of the hose.
      4. Shipping Options:  K1622 has shipping included in price to continental US.  There will be a shipping charge calculated if you choose any of the add-on options.  Shipping to Canada is an option for $100 extra. Choose Canada option in the dropdown box.  Duties and taxes may be due upon receipt. The Kranzle units ship directly from our supplier in Maryland and usually take 1-2 business days to process. If you are looking to ship to Hawaii, please contact for a shipping quote.