Karcher K1700 Portable Solution


Well, it finally happened - I've decided to sell an entry level pressure washer. The Karcher K series really impressed me. For their cost, they seem to have better construction, motors & pump than 99% of the cheap consumer pressure washers.


1.)  Choose if you need the Advanced or Basic package.

2.)  Choose the inlet hose length you want.  

Advanced Kit:  I'm calling this "Advanced," but what it means is you are getting what I would buy with this pressure washer.  This is the best but most expensive option. 

  • K1700
  • All Stainless QDs where available (a few of the reducers are brass)
  • 50' KobraJet Hose
  • Mosmatic Swiveling Gun
  • Mosmatic Wand
  • MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon 1.1mm
  • MTM Stainless 3.0 Nozzle 4 Pack (0, 15, 25, 40 degree)
  • 6.5', 12' or 20' Inlet Hose w/ Stainless Garden Hose QDs.

Basic Kit:  This is to keep the cost down as much as possible but still provide you a full solution.

  • K1700
  • Brass QDs
  • 50' KobraJet Hose
  • MTM Non-Swiveling Gun
  • Mosmatic Wand
  • MTM Standard Foam Cannon 1.1mm
  • MTM Stainless 3.0 Nozzle 4 Pack (0, 15, 25, 40 degree)
  • 6.5', 12' or 20' Inlet Hose w/ Brass Garden Hose QDs.

Now this is drawn from my experience and is a preference, but I would much rather have more flow than pressure for washing a car.  The target is as much flow as possible around at around 1000 PSI.  Don't get too hung up on the pressure number.  I know we have been conditioned to think we are getting 2,000 or 3,000 PSI out of pressure washers, but that is not what I measure in real world testing.  1,000 PSI is more than enough to blast the mud off your Jeep, or get the salt out of your wheel wells.  Trust me on this one, flow(GPM) is king in the car washing game.  For example, my $4,500 Kranzle in my wash bay is providing me 950 measured PSI with a 6.0 sized nozzle at 2.8 GPM.  So...

The key is the output.  I measured 1000 PSI at 1.45 GPM with a 3.0 nozzle, which is acceptable for washing a car.

***Note the warranty on these is Limited 3 Year warranty.  This is a pretty easy process. Inside your K1700 box you'll get a warranty card (Literally the first thing you see when you open it). KEEP THIS! If you have problems with your Karcher don't be emailing or calling me. You'll need to call Karcher at 1-800-537-4129 if you have any problems in those 3 years. Warranty won't cover commercial use, only personal, at-home use.***

***MTM offers a 60 day warranty for any possible defects with their products. Info about their warranty can be found Here.***

Karcher Warranty:

  • Electric motors and pumps carry a three (3) year parts and labor warranty
  • Frames, handles and other structural components carry a three (3) year parts and labor warranty.
  • Electrical components, switches, etc. will be warranted for three (3) years on parts and labor.
  • Standard accessories and attachments are warranted for a ninety (90) day period.
  • Any commercial, industrial or rental use of this equipment will reduce the warranty to thirty (30) days. 

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Rated at 1.2 GPM
  • Rated at 1700 PSI Max 
  • Hose: 20'
  • Max Water Temperature Passable:  104 Degrees
  • Weight: 15lbs

This still comes with all of the junk from the K1700 package like OE Wand, Nozzles, etc.