Obsessed Garage Carbon Jacket


I have a feeling these are going to be hard to get in the future, but I have 54 of them to offer just in time for summer.  Timing is a luxury I didn't have with this one.  It just worked out this way. 

The day I decided to create a T-Shirt with the Obsessed Garage Logo on it, I had a vision for this exact jacket.  It just took me a long time to find it.  I wanted something that works for Fall, milder Winter temps, and Spring.  You could wear this with gym shorts to go work out or to a formal event.  It's really versatile. 

I'm sitting here typing the description having a hard time explaining it. 

  • Let's just call it a medium weight, lined shell. 
  • It's much heavier than a windbreaker, but lighter than a winter coat. 
  • The inner liner is a performance fabric that is laminated to the exterior shell.  The inside of it is as nice as the outside.
  • The outer shell almost looks like a sweat shirt material, but it's not.  It's a water-proof jacket material.  It will make more sense when you have it in your hands.  Trust me on this one, it's really cool.
  • I think zippers are the best part.  The main zipper is reverse mounted, meaning you can't see it when it's up.  The pockets, including the chest pocket, are rubber lined and waterproof.
  • The other part that's hard to explain are the "Nano Carbon" accents.  They are around the pockets and on the chest. 

As with all the stuff here, I'm not interested in just putting a logo on some junk jacket to check the box.  If I'm going to offer it to you, I want to wear it.  For what you are getting with this jacket, I think it's worth every penny.  I'm in love with this thing!

No XXL option available on this.  Sizing seems to be pretty standard.  I'm wearing an XL.