Greenworks Quick Disconnect Packages


These packages are designed for the ORIGINAL GREENWORKS GUN AND WAND.  These are not for use with an aftermarket gun.  You will need different connections for that application.

I have bought and tested every current Greenworks pressure washer.  These are the quick disconnects that I found helpful to aid you in quickly setting up and breaking down your Greenworks Gun, Wand, and adding a foam cannon if possible.

You have two options here.

Option 1 - All Brass Quick Disconnects:  Select the Greenworks model pressure washer you have and it will default to the package you'll need. 

Option 2 - Stainless Couplers and Garden Hose Connections:  I prefer to have as much stainless as possible.  At this time, there are some connections that aren't available in stainless and only in Brass or Zinc Plated Brass. 

*Both options will include connections for the stainless steel wand attachment and necessary connections to add an aftermarket foam cannon for models GPW1953, GPW2000-1, and GPW2200.  The other models won't accept a foam cannon without changing to an aftermarket gun.

Note:  QUICK DISCONNECTS DON'T HAVE A PUBLISHED WARRANTY.  These are wear and tear items.  All QDs are available a la carte here.  I would recommend having some back-ups for when they wear out.