Stainless Steel Work Tops


I've decided to start offering the cabinets I have in my dedicated wash bay, former, and future garages. These are designed and imported by Saber Cabinets.  

Contact if you need design help.

Cheaper alternatives like New Age or Gladiator are not in the same league.  At about 1/5th the cost, these compete in quality with Moduline and Lista. Unless you have an unlimited budget, I'm telling you these are the cabinets to get.  The quality versus price is off the charts. 


Single Cabinet Top:  

  • Width: 29.53" Height: 1.50" Depth: 24"
  • 35 lbs

Double Cabinet Top:  

  • Width: 59.05" Height: 1.50" Depth: 24"
  • 70 lbs

Triple Cabinet Top:  

  • Width: 88.58" Height: 1.50" Depth: 24"
  • 101 lbs

Things You Should Care About

Work Tops are stain resistant and designed for heavy duty use.  Tops are constructed of Stainless Steel wrapped around a laminate core.   Corners are welded and front edge is rolled underneath the work top.  Pre-drilled holes in the top of Base Cabinets allow easy mounting of the stainless top using 1"- 5/16" Lag screws (not included).  Vises and other tools can be mounted using carriage bolts.


They will drop-ship from the Reno, NV warehouse. Depending on where you live, prepare to add about 25% of the cost of the cabinets in shipping. $4000 in cabinets will cost around $1000 to ship.  Rather than building shipping into the price and leaving a fudge factor for different parts of the country, I think it's smarter to simply quote you the price it costs with no markup.

***Keep in mind that percentage-wise, shipping costs are much higher when shipping just a cabinet or two. It may end up costing as much as the cabinet.***

  • If you know what you want, place your order.
  • I will send a separate invoice with shipping cost.

Pricing and Discounts

I know everyone expects a discount.  I will be selling at these prices.  These are priced correctly, and there is no room to negotiate.