Wheel and Tire Cleaning Package

SKU: DP010003
Wheel and Tire Cleaning Package

Wheel and Tire Cleaning Package

SKU: DP010003
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My wheel cleaning products have evolved over the years. I remember starting out using Griot’s Wheel Cleaner and then moving onto Sonax Full Effect around 2010. I wasn’t a big fan of Full Effect, mainly because there wasn’t any lubrication. So, after using several products, I decided to move onto P&S Brake Buster, which I’ve included in this wheel and tire cleaning package. 

I like Brake Buster because it has more lubrication than most wheel cleaners and foams well in a foam cannon or foam sprayer. I use it straight up with no dilution. This stuff is inexpensive and will last you a little while, especially if you’re foaming your wheels like me. For you car detailers and heavy users looking to save, you can dilute it 50/50 and still get good foam.

I’ve also used Brake Buster in my Marolex Axel Foamer (2L), and it gets the job done, but I’m still going to suggest that you use the foam cannon if/when possible. 

Brake Buster will tackle the brake dust and dirt on your wheels/tires. And yes, it’s safe on all wheel finishes. It also contains corrosion inhibitors to protect from future corrosion.

The Detail Factory Wheel Cleaning Brush is a better version of the MicroFiber Madness Incredibrush. It has the same type of foam core but isn’t as flexible. I hate it when the wire brush core bends, and I can’t clean the wheel barrel easily.  This brush is by far the best one I’ve sold in my store and will last a long time. 

You’ll also be getting two (2) EZ Detail Brushes. One large and one small. These are two brushes that I believe are necessary to have in your wheel cleaning arsenal. I use the larger one on the wheel’s barrel most of the time because it’s much quicker to get in and out vs. the Detail Factory Wheel Brush. The smaller one I’ll use to clean my exhaust tips. Just know that these will fling product because of the bristles. 

Another important step in the wheel cleaning process is a thorough cleansing of the face of your wheels along with getting behind the spokes. To accomplish this, I include two (2) Flexipads 4-Finger Lamb Skin Wheel Cleaning Mitts. I see many people using a wheel brush - I want something that will allow me to clean my wheels both front and back completely.

If you’re like me, you also want to hit your calipers, lug nuts, and valve stems. The RaceGlaze brush is perfect for this application. While still having Brake Buster on the wheel, I like to hit these spots quickly. This brush is versatile and can be used for many things, including applying tire dressing.

You recall me talking about how Brake Buster has corrosion inhibitors built into it. Hyde’s Serum Rust Stopper possesses all of the essential elements to help prevent corrosion and rust. I’ve been using this on my cars for years, and it works so well. Once I’m done rinsing my car off (after washing it), I’ll walk around to each wheel and spritz this on my rotors. If you’re wondering what bottle I’m using to apply this product, it’s the Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer (Transparent)

When it comes to cleaning tires, I’m using The Detail Factory Tire Brush. The bristles are firm and will remove dirt without scuffing your tires. Deep cleaning your tires is a critical step before applying tire dressing.  Most of my cars have lower-profile tires and not a whole lot of fender gap, so I don't want my tire brush hitting the lip of the wheel or my fender. This brush has a hard plastic surface to prevent damaging my paint if I accidentally hit it. 

Lastly, you’ll also be receiving what I think is the best tire dressing on the planet. Before you apply OG Tire Dressing, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve prepped your wheels with Stoner Tarminator Tar & Sap Remover, or else it won’t stick. You can add the Wheel & Tire Towels to this package to use with the Stoners. What I love about this stuff besides the fruit slice smell is how dark and uniform it looks. I usually wipe off the excess dressing on each tire after I’ve cleaned my door jambs, which is about 20-minutes or so. 

If you want to get your wheels and tires dialed in, this is the package you need to have. Many years of trial and error brought this collection of awesomeness together. Enjoy! 


x1 32 oz. P&S Brake Buster
x1 1 Gallon P&S Brake Buster
x1 Detail Factory Wheel Cleaning Brush
x1 EZ Detail Brush Large
x1 EZ Detail Brush Small
x2 Flexipads 4-Finger Lamb Skin Wheel Cleaning Mitts
x2 Race Glaze Detailing (Lug/Caliper) Brush in XL Size
x1 32 oz Hyde's Serum Rust Stopper
x1 1 Gallon Hyde's Serum Rust Stopper
x1 Detail Factory Tire Brush
x1 32 oz. OG Tire Dressing
x5 Wheel and tire towel

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