Gtechniq Ultimate Bike Care Package

Gtechniq Ultimate Bike Care Package
Gtechniq Ultimate Bike Care Package

Gtechniq Ultimate Bike Care Package

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Bike Cleaning Package

I’ve really gotten myself deep into this whole bike riding, bike detailing world. After installing a bike wall mount in my garage, I got the spark to keep my bike clean. The guys over at Gtechniq came up with a genius idea to offer this ultimate bike care package that I intend on using regularly.

If bike riding is your thing, it makes sense to care for it. I love my cars, so I wash them bi-weekly, if not weekly. The message I’m delivering here is to care for what you use most.

What I like about this bike care package, besides the branding, is how each item serves a specific purpose - they nailed it by addressing every part and piece. I’ll talk about what you’re getting with each product.

Inside you will find a microfiber wash mitt designed to capture and release contaminants. Just like any other car wash mitt, this will prevent you from scratching the surface of your bike. It has low friction, minimizing any kind of swirl marks. I want the frame of my bike always to be dialed in.

A microfiber bike drying towel. It’s 40x40cm with a 1000gsm thick pile. Having a thicker towel like this allows you to pick up more water in a shorter amount of time.  You won’t have to wipe back and forth repeatedly to get the surface dry. The less you have to touch the surface, the better. 

A buff cloth. This cloth is a shorter pile microfiber towel that is 300gsm and made up of 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide. If you have any excess product leftover that your thicker pile towel didn’t get off, this is what you’d want to use.

A bike detailing brush. Pretty straightforward what you’ll be using this for, but this is going to allow you to get inside of those tight spaces. It has soft bristles, which won’t damage the paint on your bike. After holding this thing, I can tell that it’s super durable. It’s all plastic and doesn’t have any metal parts.

Let’s get into the liquids. In this box, you’re going to get Bike Clean. This solution contains high-quality surfactants and natural oils to break down dirt and grime, no matter how tough it is. The formulation behind this stuff is to clean without damaging or discoloring your bike’s surface.

Bike wash. This biodegradable formulation contains high foaming, premium surfactants—designed to break the bond between the dirt film and your bike. It also maximizes gloss retention. If there’s one thing I know about regular maintenance, it’s keeping your paint clean. You don’t want to let dirt pile up over time. 

Frame prep. You will use this to remove any contaminants left on the frame after washing. Applying this will ensure that you have a higher volume of chemical bonds between the ceramic coating and your bike’s surface.

Bike ceramic. Like any other ceramic coating, installing this on your bike’s surface will protect it from brake dust, road grime, and mud. When it comes time to wash your bike, you’ll see how much easier it is to remove that crap. According to Gtechniq, this coating is designed to give you up to 24-months of protection. I would guess that all depends on how well you are maintaining your bike.

Ceramic quick coat. This coating uses Si02 technology that will make your bike’s surface super slick, aiding in repelling dirt. If you’re doing regular maintenance on your bike, you can expect this stuff to last for up to 6-months. This kind of coating on your bike will make cleaning it so much easier. 

Drivetrain degreaser. This is similar to an all-purpose cleaner. It’s heavily concentrated with premium surfactants. Any grease or oils you have on your bike will begin to break down in a matter of minutes. I’d suggest spraying this on liberally to get the full effect of it. 

Tri-Clean. This is something I’d use on my helmet, shoes, and non-washable items. It contains an odor neutralizer and stain-resistant agents designed to eliminate residue that attracts dirt.

I figured that because we have such a broad audience of people with different interests and hobbies, why not bring something like this into the store. I think you bike enthusiasts will appreciate having this package around the house. 


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