C3: NanoSkin Glide


This is the product we use for Step 3 of the Decon process.  It is our lubricant for either the Clay Bar or AutoScrub.  You can use soap and water, detail spray, or a dedicated lube like this for the "mechanical" part of removing contaminants that are embedded in the surface of the clear coat.

The bottle is 16oz, but it needs to be diluted.  I mix with tap or distilled water to dilute this 7:1 as directed for use with AutoScrub.  The directions recommend 10:1 for clay, but I just mix up 1 bottle at 7:1.

You could watch the video above if you'd like, but I use the process shown below. This is the third step of the decon process.

  1. Immediately after "chemically" decontaminating the car with CarPro Iron X, rinse the car thoroughly.  I use deionized water.
  2. I spray liberally, soaking the panels you want to decontaminate.  I usually start on the glass then work my way from top to bottom. It works best to methodically work your way around the car one panel at a time.
    Use Clay Bar or AutoScrub on the surface of the paint to remove the stuff you don't want there.  Glide is the lubricant we need to reduce marring and scratching during this step.
  3. It really doesn't matter if it dries on the paint because you are going to be polishing, but I like to rinse off after I've done a few panels.  It will dry a bit streaky if you let it.  
  4. Rinse thoroughly and dry the car.  I always rinse with deionized water.