Custom Cox Hose Reel (No Hose)


Cox and Prevost items can be very hard to keep in stock since they are such niche products. This package will go in and out of stock. We'll try to keep you updated with where we are on this one, but this page will be your best source for info if you see this as out of stock: 


This is the a la carte CCR-1001 bare hose reel with no hose or coupler.

For quite some time, I've had this dream of having a really stout compressor with hose reels mounted on all 4 corners of the car.  The problem...I needed to find a suitable reel.  At the 2017 SEMA show I was on a mission to find it.  I was literally speed walking the sister show to SEMA called AAPEX.  It was there that I found it.  Cox had a rather small booth with a few reels mounted on a cabinet.  They had the  traditional Cox solution called P-LP-350.  The reel was great.  I'd found it!  ...Or so I thought.  I was also given their roughly 100 page catalog.  So I did what I normally do and started digging into it.  They made what is called an EZ Coil version of the reel that has a much slower retraction than the traditional reel. 

I bought a half dozen reels to test out, including the EZ Coil version.  After my initial use, I eventually figured out that I'd really like for the speed and feel of the coiling up of the hose to be a bit more robust.  I have worked with Cox to create a custom reel that has a different spring than what comes in the normal model (EZ P-LP-350).  The model included here is a much different version that you won't find online or at other dealers.  I order this version with a custom spring and without a hose.


Package Contents:

  • 50' Custom Cox Reel without Hose Installed
  • Spring to protect the hose on transition from reel to the swivel.
  • 3/8" NPT Swiveling Inlet
  • Anti-vibration Clamp to hold hose in place.
    • 3/8" Rubber Hose Stay:  Allows you to set the length of the hose hanging off the reel.
    • Overall Dimensions:   W - 6.75"  |  L - 17.13"  |  H - 18.63"
    • Base Size:  X - 6"  |  Y - 6"
    • Mounting Pattern:  M - 4"  |  N - 5"
    • Total Weight is about 43 lbs