Angelwax Eden
Angelwax Eden
Angelwax Eden
Angelwax Eden
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When I had the whole Angelwax product line show up at OGHQ, I had a few products that I wanted to find in an effort to round out what we offer in the store. One of these products was an interior air freshener / scenti. Eden and Bliss are the two air fresheners that Angelwax offers & I think they're both great.

I think Angelwax makes some of the best air fresheners on the market. It's hard to describe the actual smell, the smell is a mix of exotic fruit including papaya and watermelon on a musky and woody background giving a unique scent combination. You would spray this on your carpet near your recirculating vent or on any fabric. These come with a sprayer that you can cut to fit the bottle best. 

Angelwax Eden comes in 250 ml (8.45 oz) bottles.


1 bottle of Angelwax Eden
1 sprayer

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