A4: Optimum Opti-Clean (Waterless Wash)


For years, I've driven around with a bottle of detail spray in my trunk or behind the seat.  I'd use if a bird crapped on my car, or I had a bunch of bugs hit me on the way to a car meet.

If you buy the 32oz, it's a concentrate of Opti-Clean. This dilutes 1 part Opti-Clean and 3 parts water.

My definition of washing looks like this:

  • Normal Washing:  Pressure Washer, Dual Bucket, Soap, Water...
    • I still prefer the cleanliness of soap and water.  Getting wheels, wheel wells, exhaust, etc. clean using this process is much cleaner and thorough.
  • Rinseless:  Bucket filled with water and a bunch of wet microfiber towels
    • Doing rinseless washing has grown on me quite a bit.  I use this more as a quick mid week clean-up should I have something important to do with one of my cars.
  • Waterless:  No water, just spray and wipe with microfiber towel.
    • I rarely, if ever waterless wash an entire car.  I would use this technique much more often for spots or single panels.

Here is how I use it:

  1. Spray Panel Down.
  2. Fold 2 Microfiber Towels into 8ths.  I use the Plush Waffle Weave towels for this.
  3. Gently wipe in one direction flipping towel often.
  4. Follow with 2nd towel to remove remaining product.
  5. For bugs, I'd usually then repeat this process on that same area.