A3: Optimum No Rinse (Rinseless Wash)


This stuff has grown on me over the years.  I've had it in my cabinet for a very long time, but never fully understood how to use it until I attended Optimum's training weekend.  I use this for two things, as a rinseless wash or clay/Autoscrub lube.  This does a few things for us.  It is designed to chemically encapsulate the dirt and lift it from the surface of the paint.  As you are removing the dirt from surface with a microfiber towel, this lifted dirt theoretically doesn't scratch the paint.  I also change the dilution to use a clay lube.

  • Dilution:
    • The Cap on the bottle is equal to 1/2 an ounce
      • Pre-Soak Spray
        • Mix 4 Caps of ONR in a 32oz Spray Bottle
      • Rinseless Wash
        • Mix 1 Cap of ONR for every gallon of water for use as a Rinseless Wash
      • Clay Lube
        • I mix up 32 oz of Clay Lube/Nanoskin Autoscrub at a time.
        • Mix 1 Cap of ONR per 32oz bottle.
    This is the process that I'm now referring to as the "Todd Nolan" process.  (I stole it from him.)
    1. Presoak - I presoak to the point that it’s starting to drip down the panel.
    2. Wash - I only use the plush sides of the Edgeless Drying Towel, so I get 4 sides to work with. Working from top to bottom. Depending on how dirty it is, I’ll use more towels.
    3. Pre-Dry - This isn’t necessary, but I feel it helps the drying. It also forces you to go over the car again to get any remaining dirt you missed. When the towel is too wet, squeeze it out.
    4. Drying Aide - 1 spray of Optimum Car Wax per panel.
    5. Dry - Lightly dry the surface, spreading out the Car Wax across the panel.