A1: Adam's Car Shampoo


So here is the deal with this soap.  It's simple.  It just works.  I have tried dozens of different brands/types of soaps.  Every time I have done so, I always come back to Adam's.  Here are the bullet points on what I know about this stuff:

  • This is pH Neutral.  Being Neutral is not some magic science.  All this means is that it won't strip your wax.  
    • A by-product of being neutral is that if it dries on the paint, it will wash right off with addition of some water and agitation.  Unless you have insanely hard water, this soap should help ensure you won't get mineral deposit etching should you be washing in the sun.  I like it especially for larger vehicles like my Raptor or Tahoe that may have a panel or two that dries before I get completely around the car.
  • No gloss enhancers like wax or sealant in the soap, so it's safe for waxes, polymer sealants, and coatings.  I don't like any fluff with my soap.  Just get the car clean.  That's what this does.
  • This does extremely well in a foam cannon and in your bucket.

You could watch the video above if you'd like, but I use this soap like so.  

  1. Rinse the car.
  2. Fill up your "Rinse" bucket.
  3. I add 150ml/5oz to my PF-22 foam cannon, and then fill the rest of the way with water in your "Rinse" bucket.
  4. Foam the car.  By proxy, I end up leaving the foam sit and run off the paint while I prep my "Wash" bucket.  I do not rinse the foam off the car unless it is black or some other really dark color.  I want the pH neutral soap on the car rather than tap water alone.
  5.  Add about 2oz of soap to your wash pad.  Currently (9/2018), I use a Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL.
  6. Fill Wash Bucket that has your wash pad and soap with water.
  7. Wash the car using as little pressure as possible on the wash pad.
  8. Rinse (I always rinse with deionzed Water).
  9. Blow Dry and Use My Edgeless Drying towel and some Optimum Car Wax.