Complete Bucket Package


Let's get this out of the way and just say this package isn't for "normal" people.

I'm guessing many of you are obsessed like I am.  For us, there is no question this is the system we want.  Attempting to build this bucket system over years of effort, I'd be embarrassed to add up how much I've spent.  This is the culmination of my trial and error that solves all of the problems I had with buckets for washing my cars.  I've fallen on the sword figuring this out and you can benefit by just clicking a button.  

In full disclosure, much like the rest of the products in this store, I'm making about a 30% profit margin.  I'm not getting rich off of this.  This is simply the sum of what all of these parts cost.

My version of this very simple tool is the epitome of what my standard with form and function looks like.  "Buckets are like $3 at the hardware store, right?"or "I can get this same system for $150 at my favorite online retailer."  Here is a breakdown of what is included and why this system is different:

  • 9" Obsessed Garage Car Wrap Grade Bucket Vinyl Labels (Wash/Rinse/Wheels)
  • 6 Gallon 90mil Wash Bucket
  • Red Grit Guard Dolly w/ 3" Casters
  • Red Grit Guard
  • Red Gamma Seal Lid System
  • 6 Gallon 90mil Rinse Bucket
  • Blue Grit Guard Dolly w/ 3" Casters
  • Blue Grit Guard
  • Blue Gamma Seal Lid System
  • Grit Guard Dual Bucket Connector Plate
  • 6 Gallon 90mil Wheel Bucket
  • Black Grit Guard Dolly w/ 3" Casters
  • Black Grit Guard
  • Black Gamma Seal Lid System

If you are willing to invest in this level of quality, my guess is you are willing to watch the long video above.  It best explains the story behind this and how to assemble.

Key Points:

  • After buying and testing over 30 different bucket sizes, types, colors, manufacturers; I have decided these 6 Gallon, 90 mil buckets made by Letica are the best for this application.
  • Gamma Seal lids are really nice to have. They look great and allow you to seal up your buckets when needed.
  • 3" wheels are expensive, but they make a big difference.
  • Grit Guard inserts pressure fit about 2" off the bottom of the bucket.  
  • You could go either way on Red vs. Blue | Rinse vs. Wash.  I've played with both. I chose Red/Wash and Blue/Rinse.
  • Vinyl comes installed, but you will need to put the Gamma Seals and Dollies together.