OG Spec AR Blue Clean AR630-TSS



This pressure washer is an interesting one for me.  I was done with my search for a mid-tier pressure washer after having vetted and tested the Comet. In continuing my pursuit to gather the data for my spreadsheet of electric pressure washers, I bought the AR630-TSS HOT.  Man, are these things hard to buy.  The pricing online and information about them is all over the place, but I wanted to test this.

I bought one for $739 from an online dealer after doing some searching.  The issue I had with this unit was that its only $200 shy of a Kranzle, so I'd rather splurge for that, but the unit tested so well.  With the stock gun and hose it measured 1300PSI and 1.82 GPM.  Then, I added a Mosmatic Gun and Wand, and measured 975 PSI at 2.32 GPM with a 5.0 nozzle, which is darn near perfect for washing a car.  That's more output than the Kranzle K1322TS, K1122TST, and Comet Static 1700.

It needs 5.0 nozzle and a 1.25mm orifice on the foam cannon.  Don't mess around trying to use a smaller 1.1mm.  It will damage the motor long-term.  

I measured as high as 18.8 amps in testing.  

The great news here is that we don't need the HOT option, and I certainly don't want the supplied gun/wand/hose that aren't good.  You'll be lucky to get 120 degrees from the hot water supply in your home.  This is good to 150 degrees.  So we get what is called the AR-630TSS without all the extra stuff we don't need that brings to cost down quite a bit.  


  • Rated at 2.10 GPM
  • Rated at 1900 PSI Max 
    • (These are the specs to compare to others, but they mean nothing in the real world.)
  • 62 lb is the shipping weight.  I measured 56.4 lbs.
  • Power Cord is 35'.
  • Max Water Temperature Passable:  150 Degrees

 Buying Options:

    • Pressure Washer Alone:  I specially requested to be able to offer this pump without the AR hose, gun, and wand.  That saves us a bunch of money for something you'll never use.
    • Choose to include Mosmatic Gun/Wand and/or MTM Foam Cannon w/ 1.25mm Orifice installed and 5.0 Nozzles
    • Choose to Add a Kobrajet Hose and size. This included two 3/8" QDs & the M22 (14mm) to 3/8" plug for the water outlet.
    • ***Note I don't have an inlet hose here.  You would either use your garden hose or get one of these:  Inlet Hose


  • Shipping of the AR units is included in your purchase price. For now, these will drop ship from AR in Minnesota.  I hope to start stocking them soon when I have more space at OGHQ.
  • All accessories will come from us in FL. The shipping costs you see on your order will be for these accessories. 
  • You will get separate tracking for each box.  The accessories will likely get to you first.

AR Warranty:

AR Blue Clean product line is under warranty to the original retail consumer (non-transferable) against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 (one) year from purchase. Replacement parts and service are covered.

This limited one year warranty applies only to products used in consumer applications and does not apply to rental or commercial applications. Use reasonable care in the operation and maintenance of the pressure washer, as described in the owner’s manual.