NAD RM 720

NAD RM 720
NAD RM 720
NAD RM 720
NAD RM 720

NAD RM 720

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This is NAD’s Rack System for the CI 720. It houses up to six CI 720 amplifiers in a 3U rack space. What’s cool about this rack is that it includes power management and Ethernet switching for easier installation. You’ll also get two blanking plates to keep the front panel looking nice when you have fewer than six CI 720s.


  • Accommodates up to 6 NAD CI 720 or CI 720 V2 network stereo zone amplifiers without modifications
  • Fits a 3U rack space
  • AC power bar and 6-port Ethernet switch for simplified installation
  • Includes two blanking plates for a clean front panel when fewer than 6 amplifiers are installed
  • Warranty: 60 days

- Rack-mount kit
- 4 Blanking plates (pre-installed)

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