T316 Stainless Inlet Hose


This is part of the Piping Package I've designed for the Custom Install Pressure Washing Solution.  I want all of the components to be available separately, so you can piece together your own version of the package.  I wouldn't recommend this version of the hose to use as a bucket filler. Stainless Bucket Filler hose options are available. 

I can't explain how amazing this very simple piece of hose is.  I've never seen such a substantial, yet extremely flexible hose like this.  You'll find yourself carrying this around the house for a day or so marveling at it.  

T316 is largely unnecessary for this application, but this is Obsessed Garage, overkill is what we do.  This type of stainless won't corrode even in a salt water environment.

Keep in mind these have NPT type fittings.  You'll need to convert to GHT to fit a garden hose quick disconnect on it.  I'll have those adapters in the store soon.

Specs that I think matter are:

  • 3/4" NPT Male Fitting x 3/4" NPT Female Fitting
  • Female end swivels until tightened
  • 1 1/4" is the outside diameter of the braided hose
  • T316 300 PSI rated stainless steel
  • Braided steel exterior
  • Sectioned, extremely flexible stainless internal 3/4" internal diameter hose
  • 300 PSI Rated