Stainless Cart for Kranzle K1322TS & K1622



My mad scientist friend from the Northeast, Auto Fanatic, designed and built a cart like this with his bare hands in his garage.  He wanted something to make the more compact Kranzle pressure washers mobile.  Naturally when I saw what he made, I wanted it.  We had been chatting about other products in the past, so I asked him if he could make these for me.  He said, "They will be expensive because we won't be making large volumes of them, but yes, I can produce them."

This fits Kranzle models:

  • K1322TS
  • K1622

Each one of these are hand made using T304 stainless and have these pretty insane little castors that have thumb-sized locks to keep your pressure washer from rolling down your driveway.  The cord holder is also made of stainless and can be mounted on the left or right side of the pressure washer unit. 

Combine this with a 50' Kobrajet Hose w/ QDs, Complete Mosmatic Gun/Wand/Foam Cannon Solution, an OG Inlet Hose w/ QDs, and you'll have a fully vetted and functioning system with a much smaller footprint than my traditional K1122TST cart model solution.

Each leg is 15" long and 1.5" wide.