M22 (15mm) Female to 3/8" Stainless Plug


This is different from our original plug as this one has a stainless plug on it rather than zinc. The threads on this piece are brass, like the original. 

This is the piece that we've been waiting for to cut down on the bulk of our current M22 15mm fitting as we were originally taking two fittings and making them into one to achieve this. This is used for pressure washers like the SunJoe, AR Blue, Stanley etc. that use a M22 15mm thread on their water outlet.

  • Inlet = M22 15mm Threaded Female:  This threads onto a male M22 threaded connection.
  • Outlet = 3/8" Male Plug:  This 3/8" plug would connect to a 3/8" Coupler.

Connection Flow:

SunJoe, AR Blue Water Outlet -> M22 (15mm) Female to 3/8" Plug -> 3/8" (15mm) Male Coupler ->  OE SunJoe, AR Blue Hose -> 3/8" (15mm) Male Coupler -> M22 (15mm) Female to 3/8" Plug -> OE SunJoe, AR Blue


SunJoe, AR Blue Water Outlet ->  M22 (15mm) Female to 3/8" Plug ->  3/8" Female Coupler -> KobraJet Hose -> 3/8" Female Coupler -> Our MTM or Mosmatic Sprayer Kit

*Think... Water Coming Into Water Going Out