M22 (14mm) Female to 3/8" Stainless Plug


This is different from our original plug as this one has a stainless plug on it rather than zinc. The threads on this piece are brass, like the original. 

  • Inlet = M22 14mm Threaded Female:  This threads onto a male M22 threaded connection.
  • Outlet = 3/8" Male Plug:  This 3/8" plug would connect to a 3/8" Coupler.

Connection Flow:

Kranzle K1122TST Hose Outlet -> Twist & Seal M22 X 3/8" Male Plug -> 3/8" Female QD Coupler ->  OE Kranzle Gun Inlet ->  M22 (14mm) Female to 3/8" Plug


Kranzle K1322TS or K1622 Outlet ->  M22 (14mm) Female to 3/8" Plug ->  3/8" Female Coupler -> KobraJet Hose

*Think... Water Coming Into Water Going Out