9" Obsessed Garage Bucket Vinyl Set


I completely redesigned these.  I have changed "Wash" to Red and "Rinse" to Blue.  These are now printed and laminated.  Before they were simply die-cut vinyl.  Die-cuts made them much harder to install.

Just grab a squeegee, some soap and water, and install without air bubbles should be a breeze.  If you installed a little off, just peel it up and start over.     

After getting my buckets all set-up with OG vinyl, this whole labeling concept clearly makes sense.  I'm no longer dipping my wash pad in the wrong bucket.  Each vinyl is 9" in diameter and is cut to fit all 5, 6, or 7 gallon buckets.  I think they look best when placed on white buckets.  You can choose to buy the package or individually.