With my Temporary Garage I really took my time deciding where to install the vise. You only get one shot, so I wanted to do it right. I picked up about 6 different kinds of bolts from Home Depot and ended up using 2 1/2″ carriage bolts with lock washers.

If you remember from the earlier photos, I actually braced the cabinet to the right of this one. I decided to move it over one cabinet as the vise would have been to close to the wide cabinet. I didn’t add the 3/4″ extra piece of plywood, because the drawer isn’t as deep. I figured I could always add it if counter top came loose.

Let me be honest, the only reason I thought to move the vise over one cabinet is because I decided to put my bookshelf speakers on the counter instead of up higher.

I just bought these bad boys. I’m a huge Dynaudio fan. I love silk dome tweeters. I may end up getting the new X14 for the front and moving the X12 to the rear once I recoup from all of the money spending. Now I just need to find a center and a sub.