This doesn’t look like much, but it took the better part of my weekend. I ordered some 12 AWG speaker wire and decided to test out an HDMI switcher rather than buying a new pre-amp for my family room. I’ve spent enough money lately, so I’m going to hold-off and wait for more Dolby Atmos updates. The RXV-800 will hold me over for now.

Drilled 1/2 hole in the side of the wide cabinets to route the wire.

In order to fit the old-school DVI cable and power cords, I needed to hole saw some rather large holes in the cabinets. I’ll get something to cap and finish the holes soon.

The disadvantage of a block wall is that you can’t hide the wires.

Being in home theater sales in a previous life has it’s advantages. This is one of the few disorganized areas of my life. I had to stop myself from reorganizing this box.

I had to coil up about 25 feet of extra wire for the right speaker to match the length of the left.

Took the Klipsch down.

My temporary solution until I figure out what I want to do to power the Dynaudio.

My Pioneer Elite is from back in the days when flat panels needed a separate box to house the guts of the TV. This thing is still too good to get rid of.

Miss Baby helping out

I had an old HTS5000 Monster Clean Power laying around in the attic.

Filled the holes and painted the area behind the speaker brackets.

Been without sound and picture for weeks. All is right in the world.

JL Subwoofer is going under the window in the back right.

I just bought one of the bad boys for the garage to pair with the DynAudio x12s. I may decide to just leave it as a two channel set-up.
E-Sub e112-Gloss

Super Bowl time!

I put the Klipsch where the X12s are going.

Next, I need to add two more lights, maybe under cabinet lights, and aluminum prints for the walls. I’m thinking I may just do 2.1 rather than 5.1. Mainly because I’m not sure that I want to put the center channel on the counter top and Dyn doesn’t make an on-wall version. We’ll see.