If you follow my stuff, it’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate for Wolf’s Glass Guard and Trim Coat.  The durability is amazing, and I get just the right amount of beading on the windows and satin finish on the rubber trim.  But…in fairness, I stumbled upon Wolf’s years ago shortly after the simpleton use of Rain-X from Wal-Mart, so my knowledge or comparison to other options is non-existent.  I’d been running low on Wolf’s, so I started my search to procure another batch.  After some online shopping, I gave my go-to guy, Phil from Detailer’s Domain, a call to inquire about getting some.  Phil explained to me how hard it has been to get the product out of Hungary and overall lack of cost effectiveness to import it having to make huge orders.  So I began my search for something to replace it.  This was months ago, but hey, I finally got around to making this post.  I considered many different options, CarPro Flyby, Nanolex Repel, Adam’s Glass Sealant, Griot’s version, even just waxing the glass.

After mentioning it on one of my videos, someone suggested I check out Gyeon products.  I took a quick trip to their website and was immediately drawn to the branding/packaging.


Something about their presentation appeals to me versus something like Auto Finesse that tends to turn me off.  The Gyeon branding (although it shouldn’t matter) just makes sense to me.

Now I just needed to figure out how/where to order in the U.S. since Gyeon not prevalent here.  What good is finding a new product to replace one that I’m currently using if I have the same issues getting it? That is when I stumbled on Esoteric.

For some reason, I’ve never really gotten into detailing forums.  Shoot, half the stuff I’ve learned I’m not entirely sure where I picked it up.  Much like I see in my 15 month old daughter, I think some things are just instinct.  Apparently, Todd from Esoteric is one of those “grandfathers” of detailing and me finding his site was a big inspiration in me creating OG.  They are the only US importer/distributor of Gyeon products.  Hopefully this will be another series of videos and blog posts in the future, but I would love to attend one his workshops to continue to further my knowledge base on the passion.


I ordered the stuff and had to wait a while for their next shipment to come in from overseas.  I ordered three products.  Q2 Trim to replace Wolf’s Trim Coat, Q2 View that is a kit comprised of Q2 Cleanse and Q2 Repel, and Foam.  We didn’t get off to a good start as the Foam didn’t foam any better than my Adam’s, but completely stripped the wax off the paint.  I threw it in the trash as I don’t have any use for a temporary soaking pre-washing agent.  I didn’t realize you were supposed to rinse the car first.  Then wash it.  I like to foam the car, let it run off, and wash with a pH balanced soap on the car.  Anyway, it wasn’t bad, just not what I was looking for in a foaming shampoo.


So why the heck did I wait so long to test it out?  It’s simple.  The Wolf’s just doesn’t quit.  The rubber trim on the M3 was finally looking ready to clean and treat, so I decided to give the Gyeon a whirl.

As always, I made my normal hour or so worth of video, but if you want to skip right to the point, here is what you need to do.


1.)  Clean the rubber trim prior to washing the car with Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner and a Griot’s Garage Yellow Bug Removal Mitt.

2.)  If your windows are really dirty, you may want to spray them off and wipe them down.  Then AutoScrub or clay bar them using NanoSkin AutoScrub Fine Sponge and NanoSkin Glide lubricant.

3.)  Wash the car and dry it following your, or my, normal Washing Procedure.

4.)  Using a paper towel (Bounty works best) and IPA to clean the rubber trim.

5.)  Coat the rubber trim with Gyeon Q2 Trim.  I applied two coats.

6.)  Clean the windows with window cleaner.

7.)  Wipe the windows down with IPA.

8.)  Apply Gyeon Q2 Cleanse using the sponge provided and wipe off with a microfiber towel.  I used CarPro BOA.

9.)  Apply Gyeon Q2 Repel to the window using the Gyeon Quartz Cloth and a clean foam block.

10.)  Apply a second coat of Q2 Repel.

11.)  Aggressively wipe down the windows with Griot’s Window Cleaner and a Rag Company Waffle Weave MF Towel.


The result on the Trim are pretty darn good.  I’m not sure about the glass yet.  It’s a little hazy, but I haven’t had a chance to wash the car.  I’ll be reapplying Wolf’s to the GT3, so I’ll have some sold comparison data soon.