Swisstrax Flooring

Swisstrax Flooring

September 14, 2018

Now that you have been introduced to my “Temporary Garage” in its most basic form, it is now time to show you the upgrades that I started out with. The first upgrade was Swisstrax Flooring!

Cyber Monday always gets me. I pulled the trigger on flooring a little early. After learning what a nightmare it was going to be to grind the epoxy off the floor in order to do tile, I decided to do something else.

I talked to Scotty @LegacyIndustrial about fixing my current epoxy floor. It was going to cost another roughly $5 a foot to add to the stuff already on the floor.

So I started researching other options. I played Volleyball in college and played on many “Sport Court” plastic floors. I always hated them. That is one of the many reasons I have never considered a plastic floor.

So I stumbled on Tanner Foust’s garage that talked about his 100% recycled, rubber floor tiled floor. I thought that sound interesting, so I looked up the company. I found some YouTube videos of some installs. The company was call Swisstrax. Honestly, I had never heard of them.

So I decided, I wanted to do the rubber tiles on the entire garage floor. I figured it would be the best solution. It would eliminate the plastic feel, top my hideous floor, and help make it less slippery.

I was pumped! I called them first thing on Monday to learn more about it. The sales pros they have are very good. I explained what I was looking to accomplish:

1.) I hate the feel of plastic floors, so the rubber interested me.
2.) I don’t want some goofy white and blue and purple floor that guys seem to like for some reason.
3.) I don’t want a floor sliding around all over the place.

The girl talked me out of doing a complete rubber floor. She said the tiles are great, but the connections of the tiles are also rubber. They flex when turning your wheels due to the rubber on rubber of the tires. So I was deflated.

She said, “Listen Matt. You need to understand that our product is different.” I thought, “Yeah right, that’s what everyone says.” She promised based on my 15 minute dissertation on what I wanted that the RibTrax Polypropylene material is perfect for me. She also told me all about the deal of the day:

$3.96 per sq. ft. and free shipping! (Oh boy, the wife’s not going to like this one.)

Ribtrax Garage Flooring Tiles

So I hadn’t put much thought into what the floor was going to look like. I just knew I don’t want some goofy colors, no orange or yellow or blue. I said I wanted black. She said that was a bad idea. The black shows dirt much like black car. She did say that she has had a good experience doing a black border.

So I conceded on doing a little design with a Black outline and Slate Grey tiles.

Install was super easy.

My trial Saber Magnum cabinet showed up on the same day.

Slate Grey

I backed the beasts out of the garage.

Bye, bye crappy waste of money.

My 3 year-old loves helping in the garage.

Good parenting…

Nice Crocs.

Designated tile stomper.

Can’t leave out Miss Baby.

Short attention span.

These are the Rubber Ribtrax.

Done for the night. Cuts tomorrow. The GT3 does not stay outside…ever!

Simple table saw with a wood cutting blade works like a charm.

The boys are anxious waiting to test out the new floor.

Done! Install took me about 4 hours.

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