This was my second trip to Spartanburg to pick up my second M3. It really is an amazing experience. This time I was able to fly my Dad down from PA to enjoy it and then drive back to FL with me.

I had originally planned to fly in two days early, do 1 Day M-School, take delivery, and do a multi-day trip trough the mountains. Since we just had our second baby a few weeks earlier, I changed my plans to a much more practical/abbreviated version. I canceled my reservation for the M-School and took a short 5 hour side trip through the mountains.

So I flew in Sunday, hit up a local Crossfit and took a ride to over to Greenville while waiting for my Dad to arrive on Monday afternoon, had dinner on BMW, did PCD on Tuesday, drove 5 hours through Pisgah National Forest, the Highlands, Helen, GA down to Chateau Elan where I stayed for the night. Man, the roads in the NC/GA mountains are awesome. I need to plan a trip up there just to drive.

Here is the map of our route:
PCD map


We woke up on that Wednesday morning and drove back to The Villages the long way down HWY 129. It took about 9 hours from Chateau Elan.

I didn’t do a very good job of photographing the PCD experience. It was my second one, so I wasn’t as detailed. I did take a few photos. If you live anywhere near the east coast, it is a must do. I had to wait almost two months longer to get my car in order to schedule it, but it was worth the wait.

When we arrived, we spent about 15 minutes talking about what is going to happen during the day.

Then we’re off to get our car. We obviously had the M3, there was an M5 and M4 in our little group.

The famous Donnie was our instructor. He did also delivered my car to me for the 2nd time. He delivered my Le Mans Blue E92 as well.

I didn’t get any photos of the little autocross course. My dad got the short-end. I did like 10 laps. He only got a few done before it was time to move on.

Off to the traction control exercise.

We all park and perform the exercise in the instructor’s 335i.

Luck would have it, I accidentally wore a matching Yas Marina shirt. 😀

Anti-lock braking exercise.

Before lunch is a trip to the factory and off-road tour in an X5. I cherry picked the 5.0.

After lunch, I took a stroll out to the gift shop, and there it was. We were too excited to get on the road after taking delivery, so we skipped the museum tour.

I’ll have more photos and thoughts on the car coming soon.