Painting and Detailing Supply Racks

Painting and Detailing Supply Racks

September 14, 2018

Now that my Swisstrax Flooring has been installed it is time to start Dialing In the rest of my “Temporary Garage.”

Some more cabinet prep work. I painted the walls, removed the Rubbermaid Tracks, patched the walls, and moved the Griot’s racks.

The color is a tad lighter than I wanted, but it looks good. It is SW 7016, Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams HGTV line. I wanted something in between the darker Gray floor and the lighter cabinets. I should have taken a cabinet door with me. The Mindful Gray is just a tad darker the the cabinets, so it will work. I was going for the clean, clinical look.

I only use flat paint. Who washes their walls anyway? With flat you simply touch it up. When there is a sheen to the paint, you inevitably end up having to paint the entire wall for a simple touch-up. I also only use either Sherwin Williams Super Paint or Benjamin Moore “Ben” line. In my opinion the stuff from Home Depot and Lowes is junk.

Pulling the floor up is really easy. I used a right-angled pick tool.

Not advisable.

Cutting in.

I also painted the attic ladder, but didn’t take a photo.

Repainted the Trim and Door. The color is a shade of white from Color Wheel called Colonial Cream. It’s what they used throughout the house.

One wall down.

I can’t explain how happy I am with the floor. As I mentioned before, I hate plastic flooring. This Swisstrax stuff it much better than any I’ve experienced. I would highly recommend it. I think I may even do it in my mega garage addition.

Another day, another wall. It’s amazing how nasty the epoxy floors got inside of a year. Keep in mind, I swept weekly and mopped the floor every few months. Then I dried with towels on my hands and knees. Junk!

Pulled down the Rubbermade tracks.

I couldn’t find my concrete patch stuff, so I grabbed some drywall mud. Not recommended but worked.

Still drying.

This photo sums up my life…

I got some additional Griot’s bottle racks for Christmas, so I had to get them mounted. I order two more bottle racks to complete. I decided to make a larger space in the center to put some sort of simple Porsche vertical plate. The problem here is that the grout lines follow the slope of the floor, so the racks look a little off because they are level. I think you won’t notice once I get the additional racks. I mounted them high to keep them out of the way when getting out of the car. Plus, I’m 6’2″, so I can reach the top, and that is all that matters.

The new Griot’s racks are little different than the old. The small bottle racks have five larger holes rather than six. The spray bottle racks are bigger and stick out a bit more. If I could do it over I would have put the larger racks on the outside. Oh well, no one will notice.

 New Griot’s racks 

They stopped making the gallon rack years ago, so I had to improvise. I found these Go Rhino ones that aren’t nearly as nice, but they match. I have the large rectangle ones.

Go Rhino gallon racks

I don’t suck that badly at painting. The window were already like that.

Too much?

I would prefer if these were black. I’m not into bright colors in the garage. I’ll be ditching the red Geneva cabinets.

Umm… yeah…I know… Two more bottle racks to complete the array are on the way.

More stuff to come:

Paint/Patch the back wall.
Order Saber Cabinets
Sell the tool box, workbench, Geneva cabinets
New lighting
New Sound

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