My Original “Temporary Garage” Journal Post

by Matt Moreman September 14, 2018

With the first two blog posts, my F80 M3 and 991 GT3, you guys/girls are starting to get to know me and have some insight into who I am. In case you missed those two posts, my name is Matt. I’m detail oriented guy that lives just outside the largest retirement community in the country called The Villages in Central Florida. My life’s dream of owning an M3 as my daily driver and a 911 GT3 as a weekend car has been realized. It’s now time to work on the place that houses them.

So I’m starting to get inspired. We bought our house in 2012. My prerequisites when buying a house were in this order:

1.) 3+ Car Garage
2.) Flat Lot
3.) No Trees

Well… I didn’t get any of those. But here is the good news. My wife got the house she wanted, so she has to park outside. Oh, I got the cars I wanted! Please don’t misconstrue this as complaining, I’m humbled and so thankful every time I walk out into the garage. Even if all I have is a “lowly” two-car. At least it’s a little over sized at 22′ D X 24′ W with 10′ ceilings and an 18′ door.

The plan is to get this one dialed in “relatively” inexpensively and learn what not to do. I’m calling this “The Temporary Garage” because it will become my wife’s parking spot when I build the monster addition that I am planning.

The garage set-up I have now includes the stuff I had in my previous home and rental. Although it’s not bad, I want a more finished design. I had the floors done with a metal epoxy system that turned out to be a disaster. From 25 feet away, it looks great. When you get a little closer you’ll notice the mess. It’s a brownish, yellowish, pinkish, potential ACL tearing pile of yuck. Look closely at the photos, and you’ll see what I’m saying.

So here is the preliminary plan that I’ll be doing:

  • Flooring Change
  • Paint
  • Base Board and Attic Ladder Clean Up
  • 5.1 Surround
  • Cabinets
  • Metal Prints of My Current and Former Cars
  • Overall Reorganization

This is how it looks 99% of the time. It’s a constant battle to keep the wife and kid’s crap out of “my” garage. Luckily I’m medically diagnosed obsessive compulsive, so I’m up for the challenge.

My son is allowed his bike and scooter. At 3, he has a ridiculous sense of direction and ability to steer things. I actually never worry about him hitting my cars. I’m afraid my 4 month old daughter won’t be as good.

Oh the floor…How I hate thee, let me count the ways. What a waste of money. $3,500 down the drain. This floor is barely a year old.

The brown areas are supposed to look like the grain of aluminum. Well it looks much more like poo.



Oh, fans and speakers are staying.

Lights will be upgraded. I’m not sure to what, but I know it’s going to be bright. I also need to fix the trim and paint the attic ladder cover.

Luckily the garage is a rather over-sized two car.

Needless to say the garbage can won’t be going in my garage addition, but I don’t have anywhere else to put it now.

The equipment will be going in one of my new cabinets. I’ll have to run some new wiring.

This is going to move over to the right wall. I really wish Griot would make the Gallon shelves again. I just ordered some others to see if they will match decently. I’ll post up later on. When I move the racks, I’m going to order a few spray bottle racks.

These Air King “Quiet” version 24″ Fans are awesome! I’ll do a write about these soon.

All of this stuff is going to have to find a new home when the cabinets come. I don’t use the wanna be compressor very often, so it will go in the crawl space. The buckets will go in the cabinets and the pressure washer I’m not sure about.

This whole thing will disappear in favor of the bottle racks. Most of this stuff will fit in the cabinets or go in the attic. I’ll have about ten inches of space on the sides of the cabinets, so I’ll probably hang the ladder and brooms there. We’ll see how it looks.

Rubbermaid Track System:

Testing moving stuff around. I decided to order the 48″ wide X 80″ tall cabinets to flank the array to fit the buckets, jacks, leaf blower, etc.

I’ve evolved over the years, but I think I’ve owned every single thing in the Griot’s garage catalog at one point or another.

Gotta have TV, Sound, Wifi, Blu-Ray, DVR, Apple TV, and Sat in the garage. I’ll probably be ditching the Klipsch Outdoor speakers in favor of something that sounds better.

I had these in my home Crossfit gym that I sold because I much prefer actually going to the gym rather than working out at home. That was an expensive lesson.

I purposely bought these Klipsch due to their efficiency and ability to rip your face off. I need something that sounds a little better for the garage.

Playing with somewhere to put the jacks.

My very scientific cabinet design. As you can see, I’m very efficient on AutoCad.

Stay tuned for updates!

Matt Moreman
Matt Moreman


I don't mean to make light of this, but I am medically diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Due to being afflicted, uniquely organized, and highly focused, The Garage tends to become my place of sanity. It is the anchor of my obsession, but I also have a passion for Cars, Finance, and Electronics. Stay tuned as I transplant what is in my head into the Obsessed Blog.

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