This is going to be the start of the GT3 blog posts! Similar to the F80 M3 posts theses are going to chronicle my GT3 ownership experience; from obtaining an allocation spot and collecting my GT3 to trips where I get to meet up with a bunch of other “Obsessed” car guys/girls. Get ready for some details and thousands of pictures!

So here is the story. I got my first Porsche, my beloved C2S, in February of 2014, I had ordered the car exactly the way I wanted including the X51 Powerkit. I assumed I would keep the car for several years, so I opted to add the expensive Burmester and Powerkit options knowing I would lose that money when it came time to sell the car. I had tried to change my order to a GT3, but there was no way I was going to get one. My “baby” GT3, or so I thought it was, had an added benefit in that it was a 7MT. I’m not an expert driver, but I much prefer the involvement of a manual.

Here is the Rennlist Journal for my C2S:
C2S Journal

So all was well in my life until my car began to develop a hesitation/stumble at around 3,500 miles. It started as a annoyance and eventually morphed into a big enough problem, that I didn’t even want to drive the car. It felt like the car was misfiring under light acceleration from approximately 2,000 to 4,000 RPMs. After a few trips to the dealer and no results and a lot of sleepless nights, I decided to take the loss and trade the car rather than go through more angst and battle Porsche. I just didn’t want to deal with it, so I decided to try and find a GT3 allocation. My reasoning is that I want a 911, and the GT3 doesn’t have the same motor. Oh…and I want a GT3!

My first course of action was to make a call to my buddy at the local Porsche dealership in Ocala. I bought my F80 M3 from there and really wanted to support them. It turns out they have a ’15 allocation! I got the go ahead from my wife, shined my C2S, and headed to the dealership to trade my car. I had $110,000 in my head as what I wanted for my $134,575 stickerd car. I had convinced myself that would be a fair deal. Well, they came back at $88,000 and MSRP on the ’15 allocation. Crap! So much for getting out of this car and getting a GT3. I had convinced myself I would get 110 grand.

So I had another sleepless night and decided I would have to change my expectations. I asked my wife if losing another $15,000 was worth it. We came to the conclusion that the problem with my car was affecting my life. I shouldn’t care so much, but that’s how I’m wired. So I called Ocala back to see if there was anything they could do. These guys wanted to help me so badly. They started calling other larger dealerships to try and sell my car. I told them I think I could stomach $95,000. They got to work.

About a week later I started to get impatient. I called multiple dealerships to find a ’15 allocation. Orlando, where I got my C2S has a waiting list, so they were out. All of the big ones in the state also had a waiting list. I finally found a car in Tallahassee. They had a 2014 new and untitled with the new engine that was 90% of what I wanted. It had some annoying things that I wasn’t wild about like XM Satellite radio, white gauges, and yellow seat belts, but it had the important things like being white and PCCBs. They offered me $95,000 for my C2S and MSRP on the GT3. I was weighing the option of getting a car now rather than waiting. But it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

St. Pete had a ’15 allocation and offered me $92,500 for my car. I was ready to take that deal and get exactly what I wanted, but I was going to get white. I was too scared to get blue. That dealer was two hours away. I called them on Thursday morning to get the details on deposit and logistics and said I’d call them in the afternoon to put a deposit down if Ocala couldn’t buy my car.

Then Ocala finally called me around lunch time after working for two weeks to find a buyer for my car. They were able to get me $95,000 and MSRP. I said, “Send me the paperwork! I’ll be back in my office in a few hours.” I had lunch with some friends then noticed a voicemail after a missed call. It was my sales guy from Orlando that sold me my C2S. He said a car just showed up that someone backed out on. I didn’t think much of it, but I sent him a text asking him to email me the specs.

As I was literally filling out a $5,000 non-refundable deposit form for Ocala and finalizing my white build, I got the email with the specs. I started going line by line, option by option. It was perfect! They had another guy interested in the allocation, but I asked Ocala to hold on a few hours. .

I called Heiner like five times in five minutes after getting the spec sheet. Now it was a ’14, so my natural question was, “What’s the story.” Who knows if it’s the truth, but supposedly a guy ordered it and backed out due to not having the funds transfer from overseas or something like that. New motor but brand new and untitled with 70 miles on it.

Holy crap! I told Heiner get me $100K for my car, and I’ll come get it Friday morning. It was too late in the afternoon for me to get to Orlando and get my spacers off and radar detector out of my car. He called me back 10 minutes later. $98K, they would put my stock exhaust back on so I can sell my AWE, and MSRP. I want it! That car is mine! He took a $1,000 deposit and put a SOLD sign on it.

I drove down on Friday morning to get there at 9:00am when they opened. I traded my C2S and was on my way home by 10:30am! Yikes! I went from ordering another white car that I would get in February to driving home in a GT3 in less than 15 hours!

So that’s the story. I’m so glad I got the blue. I didn’t have the guts to order one. It really is amazing in person.

2014 911 GT3 $130,400
Sapphire Blue Metallic $710
Leather Interior in Black/Alcantara $3,320
Extended Range Fuel Tank $0
PCCB $9,210
Front Axle Lift System $3,490
Sound Package Plus $700
Fire Extinguisher $140
Smoking Package $0
LED Headlights incl PDLS $3,110
Light Design Package $510
Floor Mats $0
SportDesign Steering Wheel $0
Extended Interior Package, Door Panel in Leather/Alcantara $690
Pedals and Footrest in Aluminum $625
Automatically Dimming Mirrors and Integrated Rain Sensor $690
PCM $0
Seat belts in Silver Grey $340
Headlight Cleaning System Covers in Exterior Color $295
Fuel Cap with Aluminum Look Finish $160
Destination $995
Gas Guzzler $1,000

Total Price $156,385

Now, I have to say this. If you are a real car guy, GT3 purist, leave this Journal right now. I’m am a self-admitted, car-guy poser. I will not be taking this to the track. I went to Sebring once and hated it. I will be shining this car with a proverbial microfiber “diaper” in my garage. I will be detailing it, taking it to cars and coffee, driving it on back roads, taking photos of its awesomeness, and generally staring at the car. I got PCCBs because they make less dust. Please don’t hold this against me.

So be prepared for a massive amount of photos and detailing information. I’m not sure of the total economic impact my other Journals have had, but I’m guessing many wives are not fond of me helping their husbands spend thousands of their hard earned money. I look forward to sharing ideas, helping, being helped, and making friends. Stay tuned!