I thought I would give my two cents on what options I wanted, didn’t want, and why. Please don’t take offense to my comments. Options are very personal. Others have helped me develop my opinion, so maybe my comments might be of some use.

Below are the options I ended up with. The car I got was ordered by someone else, but it was nearly the exact build I wanted with a few extras that I didn’t mind paying more to get.

Sapphire Blue Metallic $710: I am so happy with this choice. I was too scared to order the car in this color, but once I saw it there was no question that it was the color I wanted. I’ve read comments about it looking to light or washed out. In person, it is perfect.

Leather Interior in Black/Alcantara $3,320: I kept going back and forth about getting full leather. I had decided I didn’t want the red stitching, but I really like the platinum stitching that comes with the full leather package.

If I had ordered the 2015, I was probably going to get Lightweight Sport Buckets. I obviously didn’t have this choice on my car. I’m not displeased. I absolutely didn’t want/need the 18way adaptive seats, and this car didn’t have them. My understanding is that the 18way seats are 20+ lb heavier than the 4way Sport Plus that I have.

I’m not super excited about Alcantara, but there is no choice there. To me, Alcantara always looks slightly dirty. On the positive side, it does make the seat feel more comfortable and less sticky in the hot FL weather. Overall, I’m glad I was forced into full leather.

Extended Range Fuel Tank $0: I wasn’t going to spec this in my order. I guess it’s not a bad thing, but this thing holds like a million gallons of fuel. It is completely unnecessary for my purposes. I actually enjoy stopping and getting gas. I think if I had a major commute and was daily driving this car it would be nice, but the standard tank is still over 16 gallons. I still would have felt good not checking that box.

PCCB $9,210: This was an absolute must for me, the detail freak. The steel brakes on the C2S were driving me crazy. It’s so darn humid here that the rotors were almost always rusty. This meant my wheels were always covered in orange dust which means I would twitch every time my car wasn’t washed for two days. I will say they still squeak at times just like the steel, but man do they look good and stay clean! Oh, and the pedal feel is nothing like I’ve ever experienced in a car. They are just fantastic in every facet other than the price.

Front Axle Lift System $3,490: I also wasn’t going to get this. I’m very accustomed to driving lowered cars, my driveway is not a problem, and I live in an area that is on the rural side of suburban. Plus, a new front lip is only like $180. Now I’m not disappointed I have it. I have already used it a bunch just to be on the safe side. It works really well and raises/lowers in less than 3 seconds. Mainly, I just didn’t want to pay for it.

Sound Package Plus $700: This is much better sounding than I expected it would be. I still think I will end up adding some DynAudio separates, but for now it’s not bad. It’s not good, but not horrible. This car is going to be a rattle machine, so I need a stereo to overpower the squeaks and creaks to keep me sane.

On a side note, I don’t listen to the radio often, but I had forgotten how much better HD Radio is over standard FM. I would probably add HD Radio had I known this. I absolutely didn’t want XM Radio. XM sounds like total crap, and I don’t want a box glued to my roof. This might sound ridiculous, but XM was a deal breaker for me. My car doesn’t have it!

Fire Extinguisher $140: This is stupid. I paid for it, so I guess I’ll keep it. Maybe it’s necessary for track inspection.

Smoking Package $0: I think this is a must. The center console looks unfinished without it.

Stay tuned, part II of my opinion on my GT3 options will be coming soon…