Some pretty solid progress on the garage has been made. Since my cabinets were set to arrive soon, I needed to start tearing apart the back wall and prepare the walls.

I decided to just leave the Geneva cabinets on the wall. I’ll take them down after the new cabinets show up.

Pulled the TV off to paint behind it.

Speakers as well. I’m still trying to decided what I want to do for sound. Do I want to buy another couple pairs of the Klipsch AW650s, or do I want to get something better?

Had to paint above the garage door. I think I’m going to get a wall mount opener.

I had to pull both the the fans down, patch the holes, and move them up about 2 1/2 inches. The large wide cabinets are 80.71″ tall and it figures that with the 3/4″ floor tiles, I would need to move the fans up a bit.

These are the Air King Quiet Version 24″ Industrial Fans.

He said, “I’m measuring your Porsche’s performance.” 🙂 I let him measure away, as long as he stayed 12 inches from the car.

Zip ties are one of my favorite things in life.

Little guy was so excited to discover what was in the upper drawers. He makes every project take twice as long cleaning up after him, but watching him learn/play is half the fun.

Start them young. This girl is going to be a gear-head.

Floor tiles put back in place very easily.

Reinstall the TV. From back in my Home Theater design days, I only use Chief Manufacturing Brackets. They are so much better than the crap you find at the big box stores; flush, simple, heavy duty.

Chief Manufacturing Brackets

It stinks that you can’t hide the wires on a block wall.

Clean up the TV. Non-abrasive window cleaner with microfiber.

This Pioneer Elite is a Pro-1130HD 1365 X768P. The predecessor to the 1080P Kuro line. At almost 10 years old, I can’t kill this thing. It is still so much better anything available today. The only thing that beat it was the Panasonic VT/ZT series that is also extinct (what I have in the family room). I’m praying for Organic LED to be a viable future solution now that Plasma is all but dead. LCD is garbage!

You have to have the right tools. I’m a big proponent of keeping painting tools simple. A high quality 2.5″ brush and a wooden handled roller is all you need. All that gimicky stuff at HD/Lowe’s is a waste of money.

Notice how yellow the lighting is…for now.