This is the final part of my F80 M3’s first detail!

I got an early start the next morning. This is where I didn’t get the camera out, but I’ve already chronicled this part on Rennlist. Prior to starting I took the M3 badge off with fishing line and some Griot’s Adhesive remover and removed the license plate.

Rennlist Maintenance Detail

The Performance Center did a great job on the car. The paint was flawless. I got my Brinkman light out and check over the entire car. There wasn’t a scratch or swirl anywhere to be found. Needless to say, I was very pleased. NO COMPOUNDING NEEDED!

My dad was still in town, so I was excited to have an assistant to help me knock this out. We started at 8:00am and finished by about 4:00pm. Normally this would take me about 20 hours. Including the decon the night before we were able to get it all done in 11 total hours.

My first step was to Auto Scrub the entire exterior including the glass. I use my old Griot’s 6″ Orbital with the Fine version. I also have the small sponge block the make.

Nanoskin Autoscrub Speedy Prep Sponge

I used ONR instead of Glide. I bought this a while ago and wanted to used it up. It works just as well.

After Auto Scrub, I tape up all of the rubber and trim in preparation for Polish. Make sure to tape you lights and tape the black trim on the roof rack channel. I didn’t tape it an got a crap load of polish in the cracks that took me 20 minutes to clean up.

Before I did the paint, I polished the black trim between the two doors. That area is my pep peeve on BMWs.

I polished using Uber Green Polishing pads and Menzerna SF4000. I made six cross hatch passes using decreasing pressure with each pass. I used Rupes LH21, Duetto, and Griot’s 3″ Orbitals.

Make a mark on your orbitals to ensure they are rotating under pressure.



After polishing, I removed the tape from car. I wiped all of the rubber trim down with IPA to prep for Wolf’s Trim Coat. I backed it out and washed it with Adam’s car soap. It still haven’t wash the wheels.

After blowing the car off and drying. I used Sonax Polymer Netshield to protect and repel water in all of the door jams and trunk area. I applied my first coat of Auto Finesse Desire Carnuba Wax.


After the first coat, I did the wheels. I wish I took photos, but here is what I did. You need to really be committed if you plan to coat the wheels. It takes a few hours. I do a separate write-up later on how I do the wheels. I finished them with Opti-Coat 2.0.

After the wheels, I treated the trim. I like Wolf’s Trim Coat. I need to figure out where to buy some more now the Detailer’s Domain doesn’t sell it any longer. Then I did the windows with Wolf’s Glass Shield.


I finished up the car about 3 hours later with a final second coat of wax.