This is a pretty easy job. Rather than messing with the electrical system and used a mirror tap, it’s just as easy to run the wire through the headliner and down to the fusebox. I figured it’s safer than getting into an argument with the dealer should I have an electrical problem.

I bought my Passport Max from Best Radar. If you want to learn anything about radar/laser, give these guys a call. They are the experts and have the best prices I’ve found. I asked them if I should wait and get the Passport Max 2, and they said it’s not worth it unless you are doing Escort Live. They don’t recommend spending the money every month for Live.

Best Radar

I’m transplanting my Blend Mount from my C2S. These things are like $130, but I love them. It’s much better than sticking a suction cup to the window. Just call BlendMount to ask them which model. I have it somewhere in my C2S Journal if you want to search for it.


I ran over to Advance Auto to get an “Add-a-Circuit. There are two sizes. You need the larger size and a couple of fuses. You’ll also need a hardwire kit. I had a V1 Kit laying around, so I used it. The V1 kit works on an Escort just the same. It’s $19. You need a Direct Wire Power Kit. You could also get and Escort kit or ask Best Radar to include one with you Radar Detector.

Direct Wire Power Kit

Sorry for the iPhone Photos. My wife had the cameras that day.


You don’t need to do this step, but I like to run the wire down through the mirror stem for a cleaner install. It’s super easy but might make you nervous. You have to pull hard on the plastic to break it loose.

First pull the top piece off. It splits in two. I just put my fingers under the rubber near the headliner and pull.

This is how I pull the stem cover off. Get two pick tools and pull in opposite directions. There are little holes to stick the picks into.

Here is what it looks like opened up. Next I pull the plastic wire cover off so I can get the RJ11 phone line cleanly down from the headliner to the bottom of the stem.

Find the right amount of slack and reinstall the stem cover. I pinched the wire between the two pieces.



Sorry for the crappy photo. Pry the A-Pillar cover loose. You don’t need to take it all the way off. Just pop the top near the headliner loose to get the wire over the the rubber trim.

I didn’t want to pull the fuse cover box off the car because I broke the very fragile clips in my C2S.

I got the wire though without taking the cover off. Well, I didn’t have anywhere to ground it. So I gently fulled the cover off and broke the tab I was trying to save. Oh well. This time I only broke one tab. Last time I broke two.

Zip tie the extra wire and tuck it in nicely for a clean install.

Next, install the BlendMount.

Done! Total job takes about an hour.