I had my air bag light come on a few weeks after getting the car. When I took it in to the dealer and they ran the codes, I got several low voltages codes. Those codes could have been from the car sitting at port for months.

I almost always drive my car at least once a week, but I figure it can’t hurt to throw a maintainer on the car. Per advice of Mike in CA and others and got a Ctek 7002 rather than buying the Porsche branded one. The more sophisticated 7002 still costs less than the Porsche branded Ctek while offering more features and charging/maintaining options.

I also opted for the 2.5m extension cable in order to hard-wire an easy to connect pigtail for regular maintaining. I have not figured out what I’m going to do to have a more permanent solution in the garage. The Ctek has holes for wall mounting. I’ll probably also get some felt tape to wrap the wire that makes contact with the paint.

FYI, I think we are supposed to use the “cold” setting for 14.7V AGM battery.
Ctek 7002

2.5m/8.2′ Extension Cable

I hadn’t actually seen the center lock tool yet. Next up, I need to order a torque wrench, wheel guide, etc. to be able to take the wheels off.

I ran the wire/fuse along the backside of the battery and zip-tied to some of the existing factory wiring.

The positive terminal has the handy little area to add an accessory, but the negative terminal does not. I cut the circular wire terminator into a u-shape to make it slide onto the negative battery terminal. The nut on the negative terminal doesn’t come off easily, so I left it on.

The OCD me wouldn’t allow the rubber trim to look unfinished.