This was my 3rd Spring Event and 4th trip to the Smokey Mountains in my GT3 with the amazing group of what I now call my friends. It seems every trip get’s better and better.

As a self proclaimed introvert and somewhat anti-social dude, the most interesting part about these events is that I don’t care nearly as much about the cars or the driving as much as I look forward to breakfast, dinner, and (a first for me) late night gatherings where discussions about business, cars, garages,…life all happen naturally. We come from all over the country with many different backgrounds, but all have a common passion that unites us. It makes it all flow so easily.

There is just enough structure, but we end up with an extremely natural flow from driving to gathering. It’s really amazing how it all fits (not selling short all the prep and intentionality) that Sean/Mayur put into this).

Who would have thought it would lead to this:

– 71 GT Cars and a couple of 918s and a 911R
– Booking of an Entire Resort
– Major Sponsors like Michelin, PorscheNA, HRE, Cantrell, Dundon (and not
so major – me @ObsessedGarage Ha, ha…)
– And most importantly, raising over $100,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis

To be perfectly honest, I suffer from a condition known a VasoVagal Syncope where my trigger is anything medical or disease related. So I need to keep my distance from the CF side of the event. Despite me being in a complete panic through them telling the story, I believe having a cause like this and listening to the Baker family tell their story will change your life.

I did this year’s video of my take on the event a little differently than I have in the past. I normally don’t like holding the camera in front of my face. I didn’t take photos, I simply carried mirrorless, hand-held Cannon G7XMKII camera around with me and shot a vlog (“video log” for you old timers) of the entire event from prep the days before to arrival back home over the course of 5 days.

I thought sharing would help you understand how amazing this whole experience is. I’ve made life long friends credited exclusively to a few guys that got together thinking they’d have a few people to spend a weekend in the mountains driving their cars. I’m so thankful they opened it up to Rennlist over 3 years ago and invited us all into their live. Shoot, I bought a truck and trailer just for the two Smokies GT events a year, so I’m committed.